Mr. Darcy on Tinder

“My good opinion, once lost, is lost forever” states Mr. Darcy in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. Austen’s novel tells the story of the five Bennet sisters, and their approaches to the concepts of marriage and love in early nineteenth-century England. As the main character Elizabeth Bennet meets Mr. Darcy, she is ill-disposed by his pride and interprets his reserve as a form of arrogance.

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen (Puffin Classics edition)

By contrast, Mr. Darcy cannot help but fall in love with Elizabeth’s fine eyes and her wit, but he very well knows of her family’s lack of propriety. The central plot revolves around the pride Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy both display towards each other, and their interpretations of each other, which they have to overcome in order to find happiness in marriage. No wonder the first version of Jane Austen’s novel was called First Impressions. Her novel can advise us not to be too fast with our own judgements and prejudices, and that our first impression may not always be trusted. Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy were able to conquer these obstacles, but what about us? In times of online dating apps like Tinder, it seems to be difficult not be influenced by our prejudices and pride. If a girl or boy is not interesting or attractive enough for us, we swipe left and do not have to think about them again. A single picture with a name and an age is enough for us to decide whether we want to date the other person or not. I doubt Mr. Darcy would have swiped right at Elizabeth’s profile, and she would not have reacted any different. Is it conceivable to find your significant other via online dating apps? I think we all know Jane Austen’s answer to that question. It may not be impossible, but it can be far more difficult to overcome prejudices and not make false assumptions by getting only a small impression of your date on Tinder. If you swipe left, not only your good opinion is lost forever, but the profile of the other person and the chances of meeting them. Mr. Bingley had better give another ball at Netherfield, because there is no better way to pick up rich and handsome men than at balls like this.

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