About me

That’s Lucie. She likes to disturb my reading process but I don’t mind at all.

Hi, my name is Lea. I study English Literature in London, and I’m currently trying to figure out how blogging works.

On this blog, you can find different types of posts divided into the following categories.

In ‘Let’s talk about books’ I present books, which can be qualified as modern classics, or high literature. Books that are part of our cultural life. The idea behind this category is that I read books from Atwood or McEwan, and now I NEED to talk about them. The texts contain spoilers!

‘Classics matter’ was part of my uni work, in which I had to show the significance of classics until today. I basically had to draw lines between contemporary literature or the cultural life of the 21st century and classics like Pride & Prejudice, Beowulf and the Canterbury Tales. Writing these short texts got me even more interested in classics, which is why I definitely want to continue!

Another category is called ‘My dearest YA novels’. I love Young Adult books. I always have, and I always will. No matter how many classics, high literature and Man Booker Prize books I’m reading, I will always throw one of these in. Stories about the first love, coming-of-age, high school problems, road trips, growing up, dealing with loss and heartbreak or even science-fiction YA and electrifying dystopian worlds. Here you can find my favourites.

I added a new category recently which is called ‘Literature and Media’. Once again, it is part of my uni work and I made an individual post explaining what it is all about…