5) I Hate Instagram #followme

Jarett Kobek's novel I Hate the Internet was published in 2016. The lives of characters in the book are determined by innovations coming from Silicon Valley: Google, social media, and Online Shaming. The novel is an accumulation of hate comments, information overflow, and monologues on how the internet promotes racism and misogyny while simultaneously creating … Continue reading 5) I Hate Instagram #followme

4) Ludic and ergodic puzzle solving

In An Introduction to Game Studies: Games in Culture, Frans Mäyrä classifies games as either "ludic" or "ergodic". "Ludic" games are structured around the player reaching a certain goal and achieving objectives (e.g., shooting games). The accomplishment of "ergodic" games is reached through the creation of meaning. The goal is to move through the story … Continue reading 4) Ludic and ergodic puzzle solving